Gallese Filippo


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Curriculum Vitae

Camera trapping activities to observe aspects concerning sociality and the rhythms of daily and seasonal activities and in relation to the lunar phases of the porcupine (Hystrix cristata) in the Maremma Natural Park.
The porcupine was confirmed as a species that forms stable pairs, exclusively nocturnal and we found a linear decrease in activity from the new moon phase to the full moon phase. The activity rates detected with radio telemetry and with intensive camera trapping showed a high overlap demonstrating the effectiveness of camera trapping in study like this.
Eco-physiological analysis on populations of Bufo bufo and Rana italica. Through the observation of fitness at various temperatures (5-35 degrees) we have created thermal performance curves (TPC) for both species.
We then cross-referenced the TPCs with temperature and rainfall parameters in two different scenarios foreseen for the period 2040-2060, observing different effects in the two species.
Minor activities in plant and animal biomonitoring during the three-year and master’s studies.