Emiliani Giovanni

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Curriculum Vitae

My research interests focus on the molecular and functional characterization of genes and metabolic pathways related to abiotic and biotic stress response of plants using genomics and transcriptomics approaches, Genome Wide Associations (GWAS) strategies and systems biology.

I am also interested in microorganism comparative genomics, in the characterization of endophytic bacterial communities and plant-microorganisms interaction with a particular emphasis on Plant Growth Promoting bacteria (PGPr) activity.

I used phylogenomics and other bioinformatics approaches to study the origin and evolution of metabolic pathways in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, mechanisms of molecular evolution of genes and genomes and horizontal gene transfer.

Currently, I work on the molecular characterization of fungal species in forest ecosystems, studying also the complex interactions that fungi establish with plants and the processes of antagonism between symbiotic and pathogenic species; I am also interested to explore the potential use of fungi in the biological control of alien invasive plant species.


Project leader of: Studio dei mezzi di contenimento di specie aliene invasive nelle aste fluviali afferenti al Consorzio di Bonifica 3 Medio Valdarno