Collaboration for the project DEBUG

Contract between Università’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza and CNR – Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection for the realization of the project n. 29 “DEBUG – New knowledge for the control of the alien pest Halyomorpha halys in vineyards of the Lombardy Region ” funded by Regione Lombardia 2018 D.D.S. N. 4403 DEL 28/03/2018

The project, of which Professor Ilaria Negri is in charge, aims to acquire and disseminate new knowledge concerning the biology, ecology, behavior and phenology of the invasive species Halyomorpha halys (the brown marmorated stink bug ) for the specific purpose of developing effective new strategies for prevention and sustainable control of infestations on the Lombardy territory. In the framework of this project IPSP is in charge of extracting total RNA from insect samples collected in different areas and use it for the construction of cDNA libraries for RNAseq sequencing. In addition, bioinformatic analysis will be performed in order to characterize the insect virome. The presence and prevalence of the identified viruses will be confirmed by quantitative PCR with specific primers (qRT-PCR). The pathogenicity of the identified viruses towards the insect host will be assessed, as these results may be useful for the development of biological products (biocontrol agents) to be used against the bug.

Project Leader: Simona Abbà
IPSP personnel: Luciana Galetto, Cristina Marzachì, Flavio Veratti, Concetta Mottura, Josè Saporita, Daniela Cerro, Danila Fiaschi, Rosaria Fusco, Pamela Incletoli
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Start: 01/03/2020
End: 28/02/2023