Daghino Stefania

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Curriculum Vitae

I’m a researcher of the IPSP since July 2020. My research is mainly focused on the identification and molecular characterization of mycoviruses, especially those associated with fungal plant-symbionts (e.g. ericoid mycorrhizal fungi), with the aim at investigating the effects of mycoviruses on the biology of their fungal host and on its interaction with the host plant. In addition, I’m interested in the virus-vector interaction mechanisms, in particular in the RNAi-mediated anti-viral response for the TSWV-thrips system.
I’m involved in the VIROPLANT project.

My previous research has been focused on the study of the ericoid mycorrhizal symbiosis. In particular, I investigated the molecular basis of the dialogue between the fungus Oidiodendron maius and its host plant, and the mechanisms of heavy-metal stress tolerance of the same fungus (by comparative genomics, transcriptomics, biochemical, cellular biology and gene knock-out approaches).
In the frame of the study of the fungal interactions with heavy-metal bearing matrices, I studied the mechanisms and the effects, on the fungus and on the mineral, of the mycoweathering of asbestos minerals, as well as the fungal diversity in asbestos-bearing soils and rocks.