Cucu Maria Alexandra


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Curriculum Vitae

Starting with the PhD thesis in soil science and continuing as Post Doc Research assistant, Dr. Cucu’s research interest mainly developed around Nitrogen (N) cycle and the interaction with Carbon (C) cycle in terrestrial ecosystems and soil organic matter turnover, with special attention on biochemical processes mediated by soil microbial communities, trough the usage of stable isotopes methodologies, in combination with organic matter fractionation techniques and molecular analyses. The research area has brought together microbial with soil biogeochemistry, mineralogy, agronomy, and environmental analytical chemistry, and provided process-based, fundamental research into the magnitude and mechanisms controlling N and C biogeochemical cycling in soil environments. The interdisciplinary approach enhances the knowledge on soil processes and connections with microbial control. The aim is to understand relationships between the ecology of the microbial communities, the biogeochemical processes they perform and the corresponding ecosystem functions.
The research activities of the post-doc are included in the RESCHEDULE – “RESilient to Climate CHange Extremes Mediterranean AgricUltural Systems LEveraging the Power of Soil Health and Associated Microbiota project. In particular, the attention will be focalised on the evaluation of soil management practices compatible to (semi-)arid environments and the elucidation and exploitation of the role of microbiota in soil functioning and the derived ecosystem services.