Conti Niccolò


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Curriculum Vitae

I obtained an M.S.c diploma in Biotechnology for Environmental Management and Sustainable Agriculture in 2020. During the master thesis on molecular plant physiology, I contributed to the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the response to low (hypoxic) oxygen conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana. Subsequently, I performed research activities at the Crop Science Research Centre (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies), where I analysed the contribution of the fungal endophyte Serendipita indica to tomato drought tolerance. In particular, I gained experience in fungal in vitro cultivation and successive tomato root inoculation. Finally, during a last research activity at the University of Ghent (Belgium), I participated in the research of the genes involved in the response to light and adventitious root formation in Arabidopsis. The knowledge of such molecular mechanisms is prominent for improving protocols of cutting propagation in several important forestry tree species.