Calvo Alice


Personal details and research activity:
Curriculum Vitae

I am a research fellow from June 2022. I achieved a Master degree at University of Turin in Plant Biotechnologies the 26/09/2021. During my thesis I studied microbial communities associated to the white truffle Tuber magnatum, to distinguish truffle’s tissues (gleba and peridium), truffle productive soils and truffle unproductive soils. The final objective was the distinction of truffle belonging to different area based on different bacterial communities associated to gleba. The thesis was based on bioinformatic analysis with Miniconda and qiime2 environments and a statistical analysis with METAGENassist and Microbiome Analyst tools. During my academic training I attempted two curricular internships, the first based on laser microdissector use and the second based on DNA extraction and real-time PCR. The research grant project I’m involved in is WATDEV – Climate Smart WATer Management and Sustainable DEVelopment for Food and Agriculture in East Africa – that aim to identify the best strategies to manage water and agricultural resources and their dynamics to enhance climate change resilience through innovative researches, models and local capacity building approaches in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.