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Curriculum Vitae

The experimental technical activity is supportive to research on the study of replication of vegetal viruses with positive polarity RNA genome, by using model systems such as viruses belonging to the Tombusvirus genus, and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisae. The mechanisms of addressing and anchoring of viral replicase proteins to cell membranes are being studied. The analysis of the effect of the expression of non-structural proteins of Sars-CoV-2 in S.cerevisae, is in progress. The activity carried out is to support training of undergraduates, fellows, doctoral students and also involves the management of the laboratory, instrument maintenance, maintenance of the Instrument Manuals Archive, warehouse management and disposal of Special Waste.

The activity of Safety Contact is focused on the management of the Work Destination Cards of the staff. Archive of Safety Documents and Reagents Safety Data Sheets, Law 626/1994 Program Management and Risk Assessment Document, management of the Register of Information, Training and Education, PPE Register (Personal Protective Equipment) and Carcinogenic Register, with tasks of interfacing the Employer and the Puglia-Basilicata Responsible of Service for Prevention and Protection, also for the Health Surveillance of the staff.

The Administrative Support activity includes the Registration of incoming and outgoing document flows via IT Protocol, management of the Economic Fund and reimbursement of small urgent expenses, management of Meal Vouchers and distribution to virologist personnel and inventory of inventory.