The IPSP is strongly involved in scientific disseminations and aims to put the public in contact with the world of plant biology through various educational and didactic actions. It has taken part to numerous events that involve both students of different grades/levels and the normal public.

Part of the IPSP dissemination activity is carried out by GRUDIS (Group for Scientific Dissemination), which design and organize activities and events in order to stimulate interest in the world of research, to increase the perception of the importance of science, to spread knowledge and describe discoveries in the field of plant protection. GRUDIS acts in contexts where the communication of science is not just in one-way direction, but also bidirectional, that is, where the public is involved in interactive activities, simulation games, manipulation, exhibitions. Recipients of GRUDIS are both the scientific community and the general public, but especially school children. GRUDIS has 19 members who participate actively in the preparation of materials for dissemination (paper or multimedia), in writing projects, in the organization of seminars or conferences, in design and production of games and exhibitions. Many other colleagues, who are not officially part of the group, get easily involved in various phases of the preparation and management of the events. The members of GRUDIS are: Barbarossa Loredana, Bianciotto Valeria, Brilli Federico, Caciagli Piero, Cerro Daniela, Cillo Fabrizio, Ciuffo Marina, Della Rocca Gianni, Delliri Andrea, De Luca Francesca, Fanelli Elena, Marian Daniele, Maserti Bianca Elena, Miozzi Laura, Pollastri Susanna, Ruocco Michelina, Troccoli Alberto, Vallino Marta, Vinale Francesco.

The IPSP took part to the following events:

  • Researchers’ Night in Torino (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 edition) with stand and talks in scientific café.
  • Researchers’ Night in Milano (2015 edition) with the activity “Caos is complexity? Science games, science in a box”
  • Science Festival in Genova (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 edition) with exhibitions and games.
  • Fascination of Plants Day in Torino and in Bari.
  • “Remote Future” 2016 edition, in Napoli.
  • Book Fair in Torino (2009, 2011, 2016)
  • Biophysics week in Genova, 2016 and 2017 edition
  • -“Environment and Health”, meetings and seminars in schools, supported by Comune of Somma Vesuviana (NA), in order to make children and parents aware of respecting the environment and conducting a correct way of life (2014)
  • “Native grapes and ancient fruits in the old city” in 2012 in Bari in the framework of CISIA Project “Integrated Knowledge for Sustainability and Innovation of Made in Italy Agrofood” of CNR.
  • Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2010
  • CAMPUS 2009, Torino)
  • “Not only white…the “Re” search goes on” promoted by Piemonte Region in 2007.
  • “Truffles and more” in San Francisco and Toronto (2002, 2005), coordinated by Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo.
  • Science Weeks, with tours in the research laboratories for the public and schools.

The IPSP also took part to the production of videos and interviews for Tg Leonardo and Discovery Channel and publications (prints and multimedia) in magazines and books. In 2009, in collaboration with Extracampus, the Web TV of University of Turin, shot a short video (on the left upper corner of this page) that introduces to plant virology: the video was part of a co-funded MIUR project. In 2012 it created a short cartoon (in Italian only) for the dissemination of Plant Virology in high schools and Universities in collaboration with the Integrated Web Services Division of the University of Turin. In 2014 it was involved in the documentary of RAI (the Italian state-owned national broadcaster) Educational on the Department of Bio Agro-Food Sciences for the CNR 90th anniversary.