IPSP Board

The IPSP Board represents the scientific committee of the institute. Its role is to discuss with the director about the improvement of the personnel skills, the progress of the ongoing scientific activities and the mission of the Institute. One of the main aims of the IPSP board is to make proposals for improving the research quality.

So far the board is made up of :


Director:   ACCOTTO Gian Paolo


Scientists and Technicians

GAMBINO Giorgio, Scientist, Turin Headquarter
MASERTI Biancaelena, Senior Scientist, Florence Unit
MELLO Antonietta, Scientist, Turin Unit
MOLINARI Sergio, Senior Scientist, Portici Unit
NAVARRO RAMIREZ Beatriz, Scientist, Bari Unit
VERONICO Pasqua, Scientist, Bari Unit
VINALE Francesco, Scientist, Portici Unit

CRISTADORO Salvatore, Technician, Portici Unit
MARIAN Daniele, Technician, Turin Headquarter