Francesco Vinale

Francesco Vinale was born in Naples (Italy), the 1st Dec. 1970. He is author of 3 patents and over 100 articles published on scientific journals, reviews, book chapters, abstracts and proceedings of national and international congresses. Reviewer of several international journals and collaborates with various companies involved in the development and commercialization of biopesticides, and that develop methods to remediate contaminated soil and water by using microorganisms. He is responsible or involved in numerous research projects financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and the European Union. Francesco Vinale is currently Researcher at Plant Protection Institute (IPP) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

Research interests:
i) purification and characterization of bioactive microbial metabolites;
ii) study of the role of microbial secondary metabolites in complex plant/antagonist/pathogen interactions;
iii) study of the three-way interaction between microbial antagonists, plant and pathogens by using proteomic or metabolomic approaches;
iv) effect of bioactive microbial metabolites on plant growth promotion and induction of disease resistance;
v) application of beneficial microorganisms and / or their metabolites in agriculture and industry;
vi) study of the role of microbial metabolites involved in pathogenic events;
vii) study of the role of microbial enzymes or metabolites in decontamination of polluted soil and water (bioremediation);
viii) biochemical characterization of fungal antagonists or pathogens.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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