Felice Scala

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - Polyketide synthases of Diaporthe helianthi and involvement of DhPKS1 in virulence on sunflower - Ruocco M., Baroncelli R., Cacciola S.O., Pane C., Monti M.M., Firrao G., Vergara M., Magnano Di San Lio G., Vannacci G., Scala F. - Bmc Genomics , volume 19
  • 2018 - Biochars from olive mill waste have contrasting effects on plants, fungi and phytoparasitic nematodes - Marra R., Vinale F., Cesarano G., Lombardi N., D'Errico G., Crasto A., Mazzei P., Piccolo A., Incerti G., Woo S.L., Scala F., Bonanomi G. - Plos one, volume 13
  • 2018 - Biochar chemistry defined by 13 C-CPMAS NMR explains opposite effects on soilborne microbes and crop plants - Bonanomi G., Ippolito F., Cesarano G., Vinale F., Lombardi N., Crasto A., Woo S.L., Scala F. - Applied Soil Ecology , 124: 351-361
  • 2016 - New tools to improve the shelf life of Chestnut fruit during storage - Ruocco M., Lanzuise S., Lombardi N., Varlese R., Aliberti A., Carpenito S., Woo S.L., Scala F., Lorito M. - Acta Horticulturae , 1144: 309-315
  • 2016 - Draft whole-genome sequence of the Diaporthe helianthi 7/96 strain, causal agent of sunflower stem canker - Baroncelli R., Scala F., Vergara M.R., Thon M.R., Ruocco M. - Genomics Data , 10: 151-152
  • 2015 - Multiple roles and effects of a novel Trichoderma hydrophobin - Ruocco M., Lanzuise S., Lombardi N., Woo S.l., Vinale F., Marra R., Varlese R., Manganiello G., Pascale A., Scala V., Turrà D., Scala F., Lorito M. - Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions , 28:167-169
  • 2015 - Genetic variability and evolutionary diversification of membrane ABC transporters in plants - Andolfo G., Ruocco M., Di Donato A., Frusciante L., Lorito M., Scala F., Ercolano M.R. - BMC Plant Biology, 15:51
  • 2014 - Widespread horizontal transfer of the cerato-ulmin gene between Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and Geosmithia species - Bettini P.P., Frascella A., Kolarik M., Comparini C., Pepori A.l., Santini A., Scala F., Scala A. - Fungal Biology , 118(8):663-674
  • 2012 - Inventory of plant ABC transporters potentially involved in plant-microbe interactions - Ruocco M., Marotta R., Andolfo G., Woo S.l., Lorito M., Scala F., Ercolano M.R. - Journal of Plant Pathology , 94:S4.77
  • 2011 - Four potato (Solanum tuberosum) ABCG transporters and their expression in response to abiotic factors and Phytophthora infestans infection - Ruocco M., Ambrosino P., Lanzuise S., Woo S.L., Lorito M., Scala F. - Journal Of Plant Physiology (Print), 168: 2225-2233
  • 2009 - Induction Of Systemic Resistance: A Main Mechanism Of Action Of Biopesticides Based On Antagonistic Fungi. - Vinale F., Woo S.l., Ruocco M., Marra R., Lanzuise S., Scala F., Cavallo P., Lorito M. - Petria , 19:70-72
  • 2008 - A novel gene coding for an ABC transporter in Botrytis cinerea (Botryotinia fuckeliana) is involved in resistance to H2O2 - Pane C., Rekab D., Firrao G., Ruocco M., Scala F. - Journal Of Plant Pathology , 90: 453-462
  • 2008 - Cloning and functional characterization of BcatrA, a gene encoding an ABC transporter of the plant pathogenic fungus Botryotinia fuckeliana (Botrytis cinerea) - Del Sorbo G., Ruocco M., Schoonbeek H., Scala F., Pane C., Vinale F., De Waard M.a. - Mycological Research , 112: 737-746