Silvia Perotto

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - Fungal and plant gene expression in the Tulasnella calospora-Serapias vomeracea symbiosis provides clues about nitrogen pathways in orchid mycorrhizas - Fochi V. , Chitarra W., , Kohler A., Voyron S., Singan V.R., Lindquist E.A., Barry K.W., Girlanda M., Grigoriev I.V., Martin F., Balestrini R., Perotto S. - New phytologist,
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  • 2017 - Fine-scale spatial distribution of orchid mycorrhizal fungi in the soil of host-rich grasslands - Voyron S., Ercole E., Ghignone S., Perotto S., Girlanda M. - New phytologist,
  • 2015 - Symbiotic Proteomics — State of the Art in Plant-Mycorrhizal Fungi Interactions - Chiapello M., Perotto S., Balestrini R. - Recent Advances in Proteomics Research - Editor: InTech Europe, Rijeka (HRV),
  • 2014 - Plant and fungal gene expression in mycorrhizal protocorms of the orchid Serapias vomeracea colonized by Tulasnella calospora - Balestrini R., Nerva L., Sillo F., Girlanda M., Perotto S. - Plant signaling & behavior, 9:12, 1-5
  • 2014 - OmGOGAT-disruption in the ericoid mycorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron maius induces reorganization of the N pathway and reduces tolerance to heavy-metals - Khouja H.R., Daghino S., Abbà S., Boutaraa F., Chalot M., Blaudez D., Martino E., Perotto S. - Fungal Genetics And Biology , 71:1-8
  • 2014 - Gene expression and role in cadmium tolerance of two PLAC8-containing proteins identified in the ericoid mycorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron maius - Di Vietro L., Daghino S., Abbà S., Perotto S. - Fungal Biology , 118:695-703
  • 2014 - Gene expression in mycorrhizal orchid protocorms suggests a friendly plant-fungus relationship - Perotto S., Rodda M., Benetti A., Sillo F., Ercole E., Rodda M., Girlanda M., Balestrini R. - Planta , 239:1337-1349
  • 2013 - 454 Pyrosequencing Analysis of Fungal Assemblages from Geographically Distant, Disparate Soils Reveals Spatial Patterning and a Core Mycobiome in Diversity - Orgiazzi A., Bianciotto V., Bonfante P., Daghino S., Ghignone S., Lazzari A., Lumini E., Mello A., Napoli C., Perotto S., Vizzini A., Bagella S., Murat C., Girlanda M. - Diversity, 5:73-98
  • 2013 - Interactions of fungi with other organisms - Perotto S., Angelini P., Bianciotto V., Bonfante P., Girlanda M., Kull T., Mello A., Pecoraro L., Perini C., Persiani A.M., Saitta A., Sarrocco S., Vannacci G., Venanzoni R., Venturella G., Selosse M.A. - Plant Biosystems, 147:208-218
  • 2011 - Photosynthetic Mediterranean meadow orchids feature partial mycoheterotrophy and specific mycorrhizal associations - Girlanda M., Segreto R., Cafasso D., Liebel H.T., Rodda M., Ercole E., Cozzolino S., Gebauer G., Perotto S. - American Journal Of Botany , 98(7): 1148-1163
  • 2011 - Specific regions in the Sod1 locus of the ericoid mycorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron maius from metal-enriched soils show different sequence polymorphism - Vallino M., Zampieri E., Murat C., Girlanda M., Picarella S., Pitet M., Portis E., Martino E., Perotto S. - Fems Microbiology Ecology , 75(2): 321-331
  • 2011 - Genomic suppression subtractive hybridization as a tool to identify differences in mycorrhizal fungal genomes - Murat C., Zampieri E., Vallino M., Daghino S., Perotto S., Bonfante P. - Fems Microbiology Letters , 318: 115-122
  • 2011 - Pectin localization in the Mediterranean orchid Limodorum abortivum reveals modulation of the plant interface in response to different mycorrhizal fungi - Paduano C., Rodda M., Ercole E., Girlanda M., Perotto S. - Mycorrhiza (Berl.), 21: 97-104
  • 2009 - Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase and zinc stress in the metal-tolerant ericoid mycorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron maius Zn - Vallino M., Martino E., Boella F., Murat C., Chiapello M., Perotto S. - Fems Microbiology Letters , 293:48-57
  • 2008 - Interactions between engineered tomato plants expressing antifungal enzymes and nontarget fungi in the rhizosphere and phyllosphere - Girlanda M., Bianciotto V., Cappellazzo G.A., Casieri L., Bergero R., Martino E., Luppi A.M., Perotto S. - Fems Microbiology Letters , 288: 9-18