Mattia Pegoraro

Maintaining of grapewine (infected and not) and insects vector, phytoplasma transmission by insects, molecular diagnosis of plants and insects
Molecular diagnosis of Xylella vector insects


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - Two phytoplasmas elicit different responses in the insect vector Euscelidius variegatus Kirschbaum - Galetto L., Abbà S., Rossi M., Vallino M., Pesando M., Arricau-Bouvery N., Dubrana M.-P., Chitarra W., Pegoraro M., Bosco D., Marzachì C. - Infection And Immunity , volume 86
  • 2017 - The C2 protein of tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus acts as a pathogenicity determinant and a 16-amino acid domain is responsible for inducing a hypersensitive response in plants - Matic S., Pegoraro M., Noris E. - Virus Research , 215: 12-19
  • 2017 - Cloning and Expression Analysis of Human Amelogenin in Nicotiana benthamiana Plants by Means of a Transient Expression System - Pegoraro M., Matic S., Pergolizzi B., Iannarelli L., Rossi A.M., Morra M., Noris E. - Molecular Biotechnology ,