Andrea Genre

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2015 - Gate crashing arbuscular mycorrhizas: in vivo imaging shows the extensive colonization of both symbionts by Trichoderma atroviride - Lace B., Genre A., Woo S., Faccio A., Lorito M., Bonfante P. - Environmental Microbiology Reports, 7:64-77
  • 2014 - Genetic dissection of a putative nucleolar localization signal in the coat protein of ourmia melon virus - Rossi M.,Genre A.,Turina M. - Archives Of Virology , 159:1187-1192
  • 2013 - Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi reduce growth and infect roots of the non-host plant Arabidopsis thaliana. - Veiga R.S., Faccio A., Genre A., Pieterse C.M., Bonfante P., van der Heijden M.G. - Plant, Cell and Environment, 36:1926-1937
  • 2012 - Multiple Exocytotic Markers Accumulate At The Sites Of Perifungal Membrane Biogenesis In Arbuscular Mycorrhizas - Genre A., Ivanov S., Fendrych M., Faccio A., Zárský V., Bisseling T., Bonfante P. - Plant and Cell Physiology , 53:244-255
  • 2011 - The major antigenic membrane protein of “Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris” selectively interacts with ATP synthase and actin of leafhopper vectors - Galetto L., Bosco D., Balestrini R., Genre A., Fletcher J., Marzachì C. - Plos One , 6(7): 1-12
  • 2011 - Arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphopodia and germinated spore exudates trigger Ca2+ spiking in the legume and nonlegume root epidermis - Chabaud M., Genre A., Sieberer B.J., Faccio A., Fournier J., Novero M., Barker D.G., Bonfante P. - New Phytologist, 189: 347-355
  • 2010 - Mechanisms underlying beneficial plant-fungus interactions in mycorrhizal symbiosis - Bonfante P., Genre A. - Nature, 1:48
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  • 2008 - Prepenetration apparatus assembly precedes and predicts the colonization patterns of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi within the root cortex of both Medicago truncatula and Daucus carota - Genre A., Chabaud M., Faccio A., Barker D.g., Bonfante P. - The Plant Cell , 20: 1407-1420
  • 2008 - Plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: an evolutionary-developmental perspective - Bonfante P., Genre A. - Trends In Plant Science , 13: 492-498