Valeria Fochi

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - The use of laser microdissection to investigate cell specific gene expression in orchid tissues - Balestrini R., Fochi V., Lopa A., Perotto S. - in "Orchid Propagation: From Laboratories to Greenhouses--Methods and Protocols", 385-400
  • 2017 - Fungal and plant gene expression in the Tulasnella calospora-Serapias vomeracea symbiosis provides clues about nitrogen pathways in orchid mycorrhizas - Fochi V. , Chitarra W., , Kohler A., Voyron S., Singan V.R., Lindquist E.A., Barry K.W., Girlanda M., Grigoriev I.V., Martin F., Balestrini R., Perotto S. - New Phytologist, 213:365-379
  • 2017 - Cell-specific expression of plant nutrient transporter genes in orchid mycorrhizae - Fochi V., Falla N., Girlanda M., Perotto S., Balestrini R. - Plant Science , 263: 39-45