Elisa Carrari

Currently, I am involved in the monitoring of ozone effects on European forests in the LIFE project MOTTLES (MOnitoring ozone injury for setting new critical levels). I’m working in the development of an active monitoring system for Ozone in forests and on the analysis of the responses of forest species to Ozone stress (radial growth, defoliation and leaf visible injuries) in order to establish new critical realistic levels for the protection of forest ecosystems.

I’m also interested in the analysis and the protection of forest biodiversity from biotic and abiotic stress, as well in the study of the effects of human activities on forest ecosystems.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2017 - Testing a ratio of photosynthesis to O uptake as an index for assessing O-induced foliar visible injury in poplar trees - Hoshika Y., Carrari E., Zhang L., Carriero G., Pignatelli S., Fasano G., Materassi A., Paoletti E. - Environmental science and pollution research international,