Roberto Borriello

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2014 - Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and their value for ecosystem management - Berruti A., Borriello R., Orgiazzi A., Barbera A.C., Lumini E., Bianciotto V. - In: The Dynamic Balance of the Planet. Publisher: IntechOpen. Editor: Oscar Grillo , 8: 159-191
  • 2014 - Edaphic factors trigger diverse AM fungal communities associated to exotic camellias in closely located Lake Maggiore (Italy) sites - Borriello R., Berruti A., Lumini E., Della Beffa M.T., Scariot V., Bianciotto V. - Mycorrhiza , 25:253-265
  • 2013 - Application of laser microdissection to identify the mycorrhizal fungi that establish arbuscules inside root cells - Berruti A., Borriello R., Lumini E., Scariot V., Bianciotto V., Balestrini R. - Frontiers in plant science, 4:135
  • 2013 - Application Of Nonspecific Commercial AMF Inocula Results In Poor Mycorrhization In Camellia Japonica L. - Berruti A., Borriello R., Della Beffa M. T., Scariot V., Bianciotto V. - Symbiosis , 61:63-76
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  • 2010 - Disclosing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal biodiversity in soil through a land-use gradient using a pyrosequencing approach - Lumini E., Orgiazzi A., Borriello R., Bonfante P., Bianciotto V. - Environmental Microbiology, 12:2165-2179