Alessandro Anav

The main interests are the feedbacks between the land and the atmosphere, including the carbon cycle, the response of plants under changing environment, and physical and chemical interactions between forests and atmosphere. In this regard, recently he developed a multi model framework over Europe to estimate the impact of tropospheric ozone on forests.

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2017 - Projected global ground-level ozone impacts on vegetation under different emission and climate scenarios - Sicard P., Anav A., De Marco A., Paoletti E. - Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics , 17: 12177-12197
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  • 2017 - Five-year volume growth of European beech does not respond to ozone pollution in Italy - Paoletti E., De Marco A., Anav A., Gasparini P., Pompei E. - Environmental Science And Pollution Research International ,