Troiano Elisa

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Curriculum Vitae

After graduating in Biology at the University of Naples Federico II, I attended an advanced training course in “Advanced genomic and bioinformatic technologies applied to the genetic improvement of plants” (GENOPOM-PRO) with a final internship at the seed company La Semiorto Sementi for laboratory and field activities (Research and Development). Subsequently, I joined IPSP-CNR because of a first collaboration with Dr Bernardo, with whom I conducted a research activity about biological control by using useful insects against pests in protected tomato crops (PRIPOM). Then I started to work as a research fellow in Plant Virology with Dr Parrella, still my Scientific tutor. During the early years of activity, the research, mostly conducted within the URCOFI Project, consisted in the monitoring of virus, viroids and Phytoplasmas as well as their vectors, the application of serological (ELISA, LF) and molecular diagnostic techniques (RT-PCR, PCR), and the study of the biological-molecular variability of field isolates. In the same period, within a collaboration with the Korean University of Sungkyunkwan, I took care of the evaluation of seed transmissibility of ToLCNDV in Cucurbits. After that, I started a collaboration with Dr Vinale, studiyng the alterations of metabolic patterns of plants as a consequence of a viral infection (PROTECTION), experimenting the microbial consortia for the control of plant diseases caused by viruses (BIOAGRO). Currently, I am involved in the monitoring of grapevine parasitic nematodes that transmit viruses and in the research of ecosustainable fighting methods based on the use of beneficial fungi and their metabolites. At the same time my research team is collaborating with a private consortium, regarding the molecular markers assisted selection associated with resistance genes to particular viruses with the purpose of generating tomato resistant plants.