Sacco Botto Camilla

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Curriculum Vitae

Since March 2023, I have worked as a research fellow at the IPSP-CNR. On 04/29/2022, I graduated with a master’s degree in plant biotechnology from the University of Turin. In my thesis, I looked at the relationship between water stress and the tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus. I performed a required internship as part of my master’s degree programme, which gave me the opportunity to conduct some thesis-related work and advance my understanding of the LAMP technique used to examine the golden flavescence of vines. Collaboration with the IPSP-CNR was used for both the thesis and the internship.
As a research associate at the DISAFA Plant Pathology Unit from June 2022 to March 2023, I was engaged in the investigation and observation of the dispersal of the Cryphonectria parasitica fungus in the Valle d’Aosta Area and in Piedmont (in scope of the TREC project). I focused specifically on the morphological and molecular characterisation of fungal isolates and their genotyping using microsatellite markers.
The research fellowship project I’m working on is called “BatRam: Diagnostics of phytopathogenic bacteria using Raman spectroscopy and machine learning,” and it aims to create a library of plant pathogenic bacteria’s spectra to create a novel diagnostic tool for plant pathology.