Resilient to climate change extremes Mediterranean Agricultural Systems: leveraging the power of soil health and associated microbiota (RESCHEDULE)

RESCHEDULE principal goal is to develop scientifically-informed  and locally-adapted solutions that improve the resilience of smallholder farms to climate change (SOM and nutrient depletion, desertification, erosion). Solutions targeting mainly on soil health restoration consistent with agroecology principles (no tillage, intercropping, tolerant to abiotic factors genotypes, soil microbiota) will be evaluated in an environmental gradient to design appropriate transition pathways of resilient and sustainable smallholder farms. It considers particularities in cropping systems (perennial vs annual) and environmental conditions for developing tailored solutions by implementing activities rooted in agroecology principles. Activities will investigate solutions with medium- to long-term adaptation potential focusing on the evaluation of drought and heat tolerant varieties/rootstocks and root microbiomes. Soil modelling simulations will be performed at the scale of the individual field for the evaluated technological adaptations, allowing the development of decision supporting systems (DSS) to expand the outcomes to longer timescales and different scenarios of climate change.

Project leader: Raffaella Maria Balestrini
IPSP personnel: Cecilia Brunetti, Mauro Centritto, Fabiano Sillo
Start: 01/06/2021
End: 31/05/2024