Perrone Irene

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Curriculum Vitae

As member of the Functional Genomics and Ecophysiology lab of IPSP TO, my research interest is currently focused on grapevine genetic improvement by means of New Breeding Techniques, such as cisgenesis, regeneration of CRISPR/Cas9 edited plants from protoplast and exploitation of somaclonal variability for the regeneration of somaclones resistant to biotic/abiotic stresses. I perform also functional genomic studies in grapevine using the classical Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation approach. Thanks to the FIR/MIUR project: “The Epigenomic Plasticity of Grapevine in Genotype per Environment Interactions” that allowed me to obtain a RTD Researcher position at IPSP, as Research Unit Leader, I started the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying the genotype dependence of somatic embryogenesis in grapevine, in order to explore the transcriptome and epigenome responses of different grapevine cultivars and improve the efficiency of the process. During the PhD and the research activities carried out at different Institutes – University of Torino, Harvard University (USA), Umeå Plant Science Centre (Sweden), INRAE (Nancy, France) – I have acquired skills related to genetic transformation and in vitro culture of tree species such as poplar and spruce, knowledge about the molecular networks underlying adventitious rooting in poplar, experience in the study of abiotic stresses in grapevine related in particular to the embolism recovery process after water stress. Permanent Researcher at IPSP since 2016.

Project Leader for: GrapeStress