Chiapello Marco

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Curriculum Vitae

My main interests are: open science, reproducible research, bioinformatics, computational biology, -omics analysis and R.
I work at CNR IPSP since July 2018 on VIROPLANT project. My project’s tasks will be NGS data analysis and experimental validation of the bioinformatics analysis.
I got my PhD in 2009 in “Biology and Biotechnology of fungi” at University of Turin. I studied the interaction between heavy metals and fungi in the framework of bioremediation using a proteomics approach. During my PhD I spent almost one year at the York Proteomics center in UK. In 2010 I moved for my first PostDoc to Switzerland where I focused my research on proteomics of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi. During those years I started to use R and MySQL for data analysis and data storage and in the following years I constantly moved toward the bioinformatics field. After the first PostDoc I moved back to Italy to continuing the work of my previous PostDoc. At the end of 2015 I worked for 3 months for the University of Insubria, to help them to set up a bioinformatics unit for proteomics data analysis. At the beginning of 2016 I moved to Cambridge University. I am currently working in Cambridge Center for Proteomics as a Research Data Technician. My main task is to analyse customer data, help them to design experiment, support the analysis pipeline and help them to extract the best from their data.


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