Marchesini Alexis


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Curriculum Vitae

I graduated in Forest and Environmental Sciences and in 2017 I obtained a PhD in Crop Sciences at the University of Padua, in collaboration with Fondazione Edmund Mach (S.Michele all’Adige, Trento). My research interests embrace different areas of environmental and agricultural sciences, with a preference for conservation genetics and molecular ecology approaches. This includes the study of biological diversity at gene, community and ecosystem level, as well as the analysis of interactions between organisms and their environment, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the conservation of natural resources and to the development of sustainable agricultural systems. My expertise includes:

  • phylogeography, population and landscape genetics;
  • spatial ecology, community ecology and species distribution modeling;
  • DNA metabarcoding for the study of animal and plant communities, starting from ancient (ice cores, peat bogs cores and speleothems) and modern environmental samples (pollen traps, water samples, faecal samples);
  • analysis of genetic and genomic (NGS) data; statistical analysis of ecological data.

During my career, I visited different research institutions abroad (Univ. Grenoble Alpes– CNRS, LECA; Univ. Göttingen, Department of Wildlife Sciences; Univ. Bordeaux – INRA, BIOGECO) for internships and short term stays, during which I deepened my knowledge in molecular ecology, genetics and ecogenomics of natural populations of animals and plants (forest trees).
Currently, I am involved in the study of genetic and genomic diversity, mainly focusing on trees and forest plants, and in the analysis of ecological and evolutionary processes shaping biodiversity and promoting the sustainability of terrestrial ecosystems.