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Curriculum Vitae

My research activity was related to my dissertation in food sciences and technologies. In particular, the activity consisted of two parallel studies concerning the assessment of the market and consumer preferences for innovative foods such as legume-based snacks. This is because both food companies and the consumer move their choices with regard to issues that are increasingly common today such as increased attention to health, the environment and therefore sustainability. And here on the market there are more and more so-called green products, derived from vegetable proteins such as legumes being sustainable from the point of view of production and with footprint in the preservation of ecosystems, choice increasingly accepted by consumers that by paying more attention to health and the environment they find in legumes a good alternative to animal proteins, less sustainable and more polluting. The study then saw first a market analysis for the evaluation of the hedonic price of attributes of innovative snacks already on the market which was followed by an analysis of consumer preferences through a study of choice experiment from which was then It is possible to assess its willingness to pay and consequently to check whether there is an alignment between supply and demand. It was found that different attributes are considered by manufacturers and consumers, demonstrating therefore that there is a partial misalignment between supply and demand and that manufacturers should direct production more towards the implementation of those attributes for which the consumer would be more willing to pay, eg. the indication of the origin of legumes, information rarely found on the labels of these products.