Gribaudo Ivana


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Curriculum Vitae

Researches concern the grapevine (Vitis spp.) and focus on its breeding and sanitary improvement through biotechnological approaches, as well as on agronomic and physiological effects of its viral and phytoplasma diseases. Some intertwined topics have been addressed: optimization of micropropagation and in vitro germplasm storage; virus eradication from grapevine selected clone through traditional (thermotherapy, meristem culture) and innovative (somatic embryogenesis, cryotherapy) techniques; effects of some “minor” viruses on plant physiology, yield, and quality; spread of viral infections in commercial vineyards. Specific projects led to genetic characterization of the ‘Nebbiolo’ cultivar and to identify distinct metabolic signals that underlie clone by environment interplay. Somatic embryogenesis (that allows regeneration from somatic tissues of grapevine and other species) has been studied to exploit the embryogenic competence of several varieties and to highlight its molecular mechanisms; this regeneration system is used to introduce desired characters and for gene functional analyses.