El Khoury Yara

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Yara El Khoury, graduated in Agricultural Engineering in 2016 and took her PhD in plant pathology in 2020, studies biological pest control and insect pathology. Her research is focused on forest entomology, agriculture entomology and entomopathogenic microorganisms, particularly entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi. Therefore, focused on the isolation of entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi, she studies their mechanisms of action and their pathogenicity against phytopathogens. For example, xylophagous insects, legume parasites, and vectors of pathogens such as Phileanus spumarius. More recently, she aimed her studies on the development of sensitive and accurate diagnostic techniques of plant pathogens such as plant parasitic nematodes. In addition, she has skills in parametric and non-parametric statistics, which she performs through the SPSS program.
Dr. El Khoury has carried out research, database collection and reports writing for several Intergovernmental Organization entities on agri-environmental subjects.